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Community Wellness Programs

Social, recreational and skill building opportunities are offered throughout the year across our region. Each group is an opportunity to meet new people, learn a new skill and enhance skills while connecting with staff and volunteers who care about your health and wellness. All of the programs offered by Community Wellness are free. Registration is required.

Our overall wellness – or physical and mental health – requires meaningful activity, and connections with other people as well as community connections. Yet when we’re living with a mental health challenge, finding a sense of belonging maybe difficult. It may seem overwhelming to participate in social or leisure activities.

Groups offered by the Community Wellness Teams fall into one of four categories:

To register or review current programs, please see our Program Guide.

To request more information, contact

Social Recreation

Social Recreation programs provide a variety of daily recreation and skill development activities for people with serious mental health challenges aged 16 or older living in St. Thomas or Elgin County. This program promotes healthy living, relapse prevention, coping and life skill development, community integration and healthy interpersonal relationships. Members are encouraged to be involved in the planning and operation of the rehabilitation programs.

For more information, contact Social Recreation team in Elgin at

Peer Support

Peer support is a vital link in helping someone navigate the health system, locate and access community resources, and find their personal path to wellness.

Peer Support currently offers one-to-one services to individuals (peers) aged 16+ across our regions on a time-limited basis. Peer Support Workers have lived with similar experiences (lived experience) of mental health and /or addiction challenges, and gone through their own personal wellness journey/recovery process.

Ways a Peer Support Worker can support:

Things A Peer Supporter does not do:

Peer Support endorses the provincial and national principles and standards of practice established by Peer Support Canada.

For more information and to make referrals, contact (Jodie Boyd, Peer Support Team Lead).

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