Service Updates: COVID-19

April 5, 2022

CMHA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services is now within Stage 4 of our Gradual Restoring of Service Plan.

We recommend that all individuals accessing services reach out to their specific program/service directly to confirm which components have been successfully restored at this stage. In general, the following changes will occur to our programs and services:

  • Restoring of face to face client services, however with many safety controls remaining in place including mandatory masks for both clients and staff.
  • Increase to the number of clients allowed within CMHA TVAMHS sites/buildings.
  • Increase on-site and inside group activities with increased number of clients within groups on-site and within community spaces.
  • Restoring of community wellness supports within the communities, libraries, hospitals etc.
  • Decrease of virtual service delivery unless where it remains practical.
  • Restoring additional client supports within our programs, social support, services i.e. showers, laundry and social activities, OT services etc.

If you have any questions about a specific service or program, please contact your designated CMHA TVAMHS staff member.