For mental health or addictions information, support or crisis services, contact Reach Out at 519-433-2023
or 1-866-933-2023.

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The Support Line

The Support Line provides confidential listening and support to individuals 16+ any time of day or night.  Whether you are anxious, depressed, lonely, overwhelmed or just need to talk something through with someone, you will find a supportive and caring person at our end of the line.

If a caller is under 16, we suggest calling Tandem, a 24/7 Crisis Support Services and Intake team for children and youth up to 18 years of age and their parents/guardians. Tandem can be reached day or night at 519-433-0334.

Please note the Support Line provides confidential listening to anyone accessing the service, but is unable to accommodate unknown numbers. 

The number is 519-601-8055. The toll-free number is 1 (844) 360-8055. 

What can I call about?

The Support Line is a 24/7 therapeutic listening line. The Support Line offers help when you are experiencing distress – which is a personal experience unique to you. Other reasons to call include:

 Who is the Support Line for?

The Support Line is available to individuals from London and Middlesex who are 16+. All calls are confidential and volunteers are available 24/7 to provide a listening ear and encouragement.

What services does the Support Line provide?

The Support Line is answered by highly trained volunteers. Some people call the line directly and others are transferred from Reach Out. Support Line services include:

 How is the Support Line different than the Reach Out line?

If you are experiencing a mental health and/or addictions crisis, you can call Reach Out at 519-433-2023 or 1-866-933-2023. Reach Out staff help you if you are in crisis, or need an appointment with a mental health or addictions professional, or want information about community services.

I am interested in being a volunteer. How do I apply?

You can download and fill out our Support Line Volunteer Application Form. If you have difficulty with the application form, we will happily send you an application by mail. Contact us at 519-434-9191 ext. 2370, or by email at

Please note that we are looking for individuals who are able to commit to volunteering for a minimum of one calendar year, for 16 hours per month including one overnight shift per month. Volunteers will self-schedule their shifts.

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