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Healthy Coping Skills – Elgin
Aug 31, 2023

This is a structured, virtual group designed to teach core healthy, practical coping skills beneficial to incorporate into daily living to aid to mental wellness. Topics include: Managing emotions, safe…

Outdoor/Indoor Recreation – Exeter
Aug 30, 2023

Come out and join in come connection with others over outdoor and indoor games (weather dependent). We will align our motor skills, strength and balance through movement. Build self-esteem/confidence while…

Mindfulness Meditation – Exeter
Aug 30, 2023

This group will be an introduction to different types of meditation such as: Guided meditation, visionary meditation, body scanning, transcendental meditation and loving meditation, etc. Will embrace people’s exploration of…

Wellness Social – Oxford
Aug 30, 2023

Come on out to this Peer Support drop-in program as the Ingersoll Library, that offers the chance for people to connect and socialize with one another and explore your wellness…

Social Stroll – Oxford
Aug 30, 2023

This program promotes overall individual wellness by social connection with others and nature, as well as educating us on people, places and things. Incorporates physical exercise and encourages socialization while…

Shower Hour – Oxford
Aug 30, 2023

This drop-in program offers basic personal hygiene supports including, access to a shower and dental supplies; Peer support staff are onsite to connect with peopleas needed. Group is open to…

Drop in – Oxford
Aug 30, 2023

Join us at the Woodstock office to say Hello, play some cards, make a craft, socialize or just relax! For a small cost, you can also enjoy a coffee, soda…

ChitChat Circle
Aug 30, 2023

Join us for a weekly gathering to discuss a variety of wellness topics, engage in positive conversation, and build and encourage socialization in a safe space. Location: In Person, 445…

Outdoor Recreation
May 19, 2023

Outdoor recreation will empower people to come out and be their best selves while engaging in different outdoor activities that promote physical activity such as: volleyball, badminton, baseball and other…

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