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PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: Withdrawal Management – Elgin

We are pleased to spotlight a ground-breaking program that recently launched in Elgin County, which supports individuals navigating their journey with substance withdrawal. Our Withdrawal Management Services (WMS) is a 24/7 service located in St. Thomas that provides a safe space for individuals to withdrawal from substances. The average length of stay is roughly three to five days, based on individual needs.

The program currently operates seven beds in a facility that prioritizes high-quality healthcare in a warm, welcoming, and safe environment. Its immediate goal is to provide crucial support to individuals facing substance use concerns as they undergo the withdrawal process. In addition, the team works to connect clients with ongoing support and services essential for sustained recovery.

Individuals accessing this program must be willing to have discussions around treatment planning towards change and must commit to abstaining from substances during their time. As part of treatment, client are provided with a safe space to withdrawal from substances while being supported by trained experts, as well as connections to psychoeducation and addiction medicine.

Since its launch in 2023, the WMS team has successfully supported approximately 300 individuals, guiding them through the withdrawal process with compassion and expertise.

The success of WMS relies not only on the dedication of its team but also on the support of the community. Donations of clothing, toiletries, and other essentials are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. Every contribution plays a positive role in helping individuals on their path to recovery.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the services offered through the Withdrawal Management Services program, you can reach the team directly at 519-668-0557. You can also learn more about the program on our website.

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