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Withdrawal Management Services

Withdrawal Management is a 24/7 service located in Elgin County. This program is geared to providing a safe space for individuals to withdrawal from substances. The average length of stay is roughly 3-5 days and based on individual needs.

Is This Program For Me?


Admission Criteria:

How do I get connected?

In Phase one this program will be by referral only. Please call to inquire about bed availability. If a bed is available, staff will provide direction on how to complete the referral.

Referral Process:

A referral can be place my any community partner or internal CMHA TVAMHS staff.
Please call 519-668-0557 to confirm space.

Services Available

Program Hours & Location

Withdrawal Management Services are available 24/7.

Withdrawal Management Services are located at 18 Metcalfe Street in St. Thomas.

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