Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions 2021-2023

Within the context of balancing the need for stability and the need to move forward;

1. Focus on ways to serve clients in an integrated way

  •  Implement the Year One Programs & Services Priority Areas
  •  Engage staff in this implementation to unify staff and serve clients better
  • Celebrate success, especially with staff

2. Foster staff wellness and nurture our unified culture

  • Develop ways to support leaders and staff through the change of integration
  • Engage leaders and staff in meaningful ways as we build our unified culture understanding the reality of an exhausted workforce due to the pandemic

3. Continue to stay connected to larger system and environmental context and be prepared to respond

  • In particular the ever-growing mental health and addiction challenges faced by people due to the pandemic
  • In particular the work of OHTs (that may have a mental health & addiction focus), the MH&A Centre of Excellence

4. Build and strengthen an integrated infrastructure

  • Implement the Year One Infrastructure areas including HR, Finance, IT, Fund Development and Communications

5. Prepare and Implement our Succession Plan for key leaders

  • Particularly recruiting the next CEO and VPs who can lead the organization to continue to build the vision of what has been created over the last two years
  • Ensure key areas are systematized and solid process, procedures, policies and structure are in place