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Peer Support

CMHA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services recognizes how invaluable lived experience is in supporting and inspiring individuals who are on their journeys of wellness and recovery.  Peer Support is a powerful opportunity for a person – a Peer – living with mental health and/or substance use struggles to connect with another person – a Peer Supporter – who has experienced similar challenges and has gone through their own personal wellness journey/recovery process.  

The selectively shared lived experience of a Peer Supporter is a knowledge that can give the Peer a unique perspective on finding and maintaining wellness. When a person knows they are not alone and that someone can relate to them through the common ground of lived experience, that understanding can build an authentic and therapeutic rapport and offer a sense of empowerment and hope. 

Peer Support is a mutual relationship where the Peer and the Peer Supporter learn together, find meaning in their experiences, and explore what personal recovery and wellness looks like for each person. Peer Support is values-driven and the Peer Support Program at CMHA operates from the values set out by Peer Support Canada. 

Peer Support Canada Values 

Of importance, many of CMHA’s Peer Support Workers have their national Certified Peer Supporter designation through Peer Support Canada and several staff are current 2024 candidates. Many are also trained to offer WRAP – Wellness Recovery Action Planning and other specialized learning opportunities for Peers.

Peer Support at CMHA TVAMHS is offered in several of program areas. There are also several areas of specialty.

What a CMHA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services Peer Support Worker Does:

What a CMHA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Peer Support Worker Does Not Do:

The Peer Support Program understands the importance of also having unstructured, drop-in groups and spaces where informal peer-to-peer connections can be safely made, providing a sense of community and belonging. 

To request more information about the Peer Support Program and access, please contact us at 

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