DBT Based Programming

Update – June 29, 2022

Thank you to all for your continued patience as we work to rebuild our DBT-based offerings at CMHA TVAMHS. We are excited to be planning for upcoming offerings in September 2022 and wanted to share our progress with the rebuild so far. From April to June, we were able to continue to offer services to participants through a series of DBT-based Wellness Workshops combined with a skills group called Life Worth Living, and an intensive skills teaching group with 1:1 DBT-based counselling.

Now as we plan for the future, we hope to improve access and expand our offerings and to do that effectively, we will be asking for some help. Please continue to check back on this website and check your email for future updates and information. We will be seeking feedback from staff, community partners, prospective participants, and participants so we are asking for everyone’s help as we work on plans for the future.

At this time, our waitlist remains closed and we are unable to accept new referrals. We will update here as soon as this changes. Please check out our program guide for information on other groups and programs throughout CMHA TVAMHS.

What’s new:

  • New members have joined the DBT team and have started DBT training
  • Team now represents Oxford, Middlesex, and Elgin counties
  • New email address for inquiries dbtprogram@cmhatv.ca
  • Survey are being sent out to get feedback on the groups wrapping up this month
  • All prospective participants on the waitlist will have been contacted by June 30, 2022
  • All prospective participants on the waitlist will have completed a screening questionnaire to determine which offering is the best fit by July 15th, 2022

What’s next:

  • DBT Consult Team Planning Day in July 2022
  • We will be evaluating the program from the perspective of participants, prospective participants, community partners, DBT team members, and DBT screeners
  • Our decisions about future workshops, groups, and counselling will be driven by feedback, resources, and community need


Please be aware that due to significant staffing limitations, we expect those waiting to enter DBT programming at CMHA TVAMHS will experience lengthy delays. We are currently in the process of redesigning our program to meet the expanded needs of our newly integrated organization as we prioritize reducing our wait times.

We will be contacting those on our current waitlist to provide information and referral to other available resources and supports. We appreciate your patience while we work through this unprecedented time. The waitlist is closed until further notice. We apologize for the disruption to service. Please continue to check back for updates on our website and on our social media.

While we work through this reconstruction, we will continue to offer DBT Based Programming including:

  • DBT Intensive skills group with 1:1 DBT based counselling. DBT Intensive Skills Group combined with 1:1 DBT Based Counselling is adapted from the DBT curriculum as developed and researched by Dr. Marsha Linehan. The program commitment is for three modules 12 weeks each in length. The DBT program involves reading, reflection, and homework.
  • DBT based Life Worth Living skills teaching group. Life Worth Living is a skills training and discussion group that is shorter, less structured, and more flexible than the intensive DBT skill group here at CMHA TVAMHS. Skills taught and practiced will be based on the group’s needs each week, focusing only on the skills they’re most interested in at that time.
  • DBT based Wellness Workshops. DBT Wellness Workshops are educational in nature and describes the core skills taught in DBT programming. This group is well suited for those who have previously engaged in DBT programming and looking for a refresher on the skills as well as those who are new to DBT skills teaching. Participants in the Life Worth Living Group are welcome to attend DBT Wellness Workshops at CMHA TVAMHS as a complement. The workshops can be taken in a series or as a single session.

Is This Program For Me?

Intake screening to be completed to assess readiness for group and no contraindicated presenting concerns.  

How Do I Get An Appointment?

Referrals are not currently accepted.
When we can accept referrals again, clients will complete a self-referral online. An intake screener will complete a screening interview with the client to determine which stream is the best
fit. An interview will be completed for participants in the Intensive program.

Who Can Make A Referral?

Self-referral is recommended.


Currently this program is offered online. 

DBT Resources

Reality Acceptance Skills:

If you’ve ever wondered how to cope with some situation you can’t change—like a personal crisis or global pandemic—our DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) team has your back. Our Crisis Survival Skills PowerPoint offers helpful coping strategies to guide you through stressful situations without making matters worse. Then check out our video on Reality Acceptance Skills (we’ll rate it PG-13 due to occasional mild language) for tips on moving forward faster, when life keeps throwing those nasty curve balls: