Court & Justice Services

CMHA TVAMHS Court and Justice services are available to individuals  who are 16 years or older, in conflict with the law or involvement with the criminal justice system and experience symptoms of mental health and addictions concerns /or a developmental disability, Acquired Brain Injury.

Areas of support offered include; Mental Health Court/Treatment/Therapeutic Court, Drug Treatment Court, Mental Health Diversion, Case Management, Counselling and Treatment. Our teams of regulated and non-regulated health care providers work closely with community partners as well as member of the justice system to provide equitable, accessible and compassionate mental health and addictions support to all. Our goals include reducing the possibility of recidivism,

CMHA Court Programs support individuals who voluntarily agree to access services during their criminal court process. The services provided vary depending on your needs.

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Mental Health Court Diversion
People living with a serious mental illness, brain injury or a developmental disability may access alternatives to criminal prosecution.

  • Crown Attorney determines whether mental health diversion is appropriate or if the person should be prosecuted for the charge(s)
  • Court Clincian develops a treatment plan to divert the individual out of the criminal justice system and back into the mental health system
  • Supports are available to reduce the possibility of recidivism

Community Treatment Court (CTC)
CTC is a specialized court with emphasis on treatment and recovery. To receive support, individuals must be willing to plead guilty to their existing charges.

  • Holds the accused accountable for the actions while providing effective treatment and/or support in the least restrictive fashion
  • The emphasis will be on providing people suffering from mental illness with a venue to address the issues that brought them into conflict with the law
  • Protects both the rights of the public and the accused while at the same time maintains the integrity of the criminal justice system

Drug Treatment Court ( DTC)

Elgin County Programs

Elgin County Referral Form

Elgin Therapeutic Court

Mental Health Court Diversion

Justice Transitional Case Management

London & Middlesex County Programs


Adult Treatment Court ( ATC)

Mental Health Court Diversion Provides information and support to individuals living with serious mental illness and their caregivers if they come into contact with the criminal justice system and are required to be in the London court. Situated within the court house, our court support staff assist people by connecting them to service providers and helping them understand the judicial process. Linking to community resources outside of the Court Diversion Program and advocating within the legal system to arrange diversion applications is within the role of our Court Outreach Liaison.  Call 519-660-3169.

Access to ATC and Diversion program through the Court Diversion program

Court Diversion Program 

80 Dundas  St. | First Floor
London, ON  N6A 6A3
Phone: 519-660-3169
Fax: 519-433-5127

Justice Transitional Case Management


Justice Informed Addictions Program

To participate in this program, you must be:

  • 16 years or older
  • Currently charged with a non-violent offence related to substance use
  • Currently experiencing problematic substance use or require relapse prevention
  • History of entries in the criminal justice system