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Our Statement on the Forgotten 519

We stand with our colleagues, friends, and partners who have come together to cultivate change in the face of the distressing levels of poverty, homelessness, and insecurity found in our city.  With our focus sharpened by the actions of the Forgotten 519, we support the continuation and deepening of compassion and concern for those in our community who are experiencing homelessness and the individuals who support them.

We find ourselves at a critical juncture. When we are regularly confronted with the premature, preventable deaths of those we know and support, working in community services can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. This situation is not sustainable for individuals at risk or our direct service workers.

It is not up to one group to find the solution – because there is not one solution that can solve this complex issue.  Through broad collaboration with and respect for each other, we are confident that we can create sustainable and effective solutions together. The collaboration of minds and resources is key to relieving the intense stress and danger felt by those in our community.

CMHA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services remains committed to our mission of igniting hope and fostering change by providing a continuum of mental health and addiction education, supports, and services. We are prepared to take action and help implement meaningful supports intended to reduce the severe effects and losses of life due to homelessness and poverty.

We look forward to participating in the sessions hosted by the City of London with the goal of identifying steps that can be taken to address the shared concerns and calls for action to better serve London’s most vulnerable people. 

With respect,

Dr. Beth Mitchell, Co-CEO            


Pam Hill, Regional Director of London, North Middlesex & Huron

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