For mental health or addictions information, support or crisis services, contact Reach Out at 519-433-2023
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RAAM Clinic

The RAAM (Rapid Access Addiction Medicine) Clinic offers community-based, low-barrier services for clients seeking support/treatment for substance use disorders.

The RAAM Clinic focuses on addiction medicine and offers both medication and psychosocial interventions to meet client goals

What We Offer

– Safe, comfortable, accessible meeting space
– Provide a urine sample for drug screening at each clinic visit
– Appointments with medical staff, nurses and addiction counsellors
– Detailed history, explore substance use concerns and recovery
– Regularly scheduled clinic visits based on clinical progress

About Suboxone
About Naltrexone

How Can I Access the RAAM Clinic?


Clinic Hours:

Who Can Make A Referral?

Self referral or health care professional who has assessed the need for support (family doctor, nurse practitioner, counsellor, or hospital)

What to bring

*We do not provide primary care or emergency medical services at the RAAM clinic

Community Education Information

RAAM Clinic supports opportunities for professional development.
Please call 519-673-3242 Ext. 1281 if you are interested in observing or learning more about addiction


200 Queens Ave | 2nd Floor
London, ON
N6A 1J3

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