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Problem Gambling & Behavioural Addictions

The Problem Gambling and Behavioural Addictions program offers community treatment for individuals concerned with and interested in making changes to their gambling, gaming, internet/technology, shopping, overspending or pornography/sex concerns. This program is designed to improve the health, social outcomes and quality of life of people with problem gambling and behavioural addictions concerns through offering direct client services in the form of individual and group supports for both individuals and their family members.

Is this program for me?

Please note: We do not offer services to individuals with outstanding charges that are sexual in nature or if the index offence is being appealed.

What We Offer

Standardized screening and assessment tools are utilized to help inform treatment-planning and next steps.

Family / Caregiver Supports:
Family and Significant Other Intake Form

Our Family Group provides family members with a forum in which to discuss successes and challenges in coping with their loved one’s addiction, healthy ways to support your loved one and how to navigate through the addiction treatment system.
Family Group is held on the 3rd and 4th Monday of each month, from 5:30-7:30 pm.
Please call 519 673 3242 ext. 1222 to register as space is limited.

How Do I Get An Appointment?

Who Can Make A Referral?

Anyone concerned about their own, or someone else’s gambling, gaming, internet/technology use, shopping/overspending or pornography/sex use can access screening, assessment and treatment services. These services are available for all individuals regardless of their stage of change or treatment goal.
Third party and self-referrals are welcome.

Community Education Information

The Problem Gambling & Behavioural Addictions Program has developed innovative and original programs and strategies. Presentations are available for persons/groups of all ages in the Thames Valley area. If you are interested in discussing your presentation needs please contact our intake line at 519-673-3242 x 1234.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources for Problem Gambling:
Problem Gambling: The Issues, The Options
Problem Gambling: A Guide For Parents
Problem Gambling: A Guide For Families

Additional Resources for Sex Addiction:

Clinicians in this program work towards the completion of certification for Sex Recovery Therapist through training and supervision from American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT).

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