Housing Services

We are pleased to offer affordable housing services across the Thames Valley region for individuals with addiction and mental health needs in a variety of settings and with a broad spectrum of support options, all with the goal of promoting community-based recovery.

Housing is available in both shared living homes and in individual units, with support ranging from 24/7 on-site staff support, to daily or weekly support, to support that can be initiated by tenants when needed. Support within shared living environments can include assistance with activities of daily living, medication education and administration, and in some cases higher levels of personal care. Many of our housing options are provided in conjunction with psychosocial rehabilitation programming and/or case management services that will help you develop practical daily living skills, foster independence, and facilitate your continued community integration.

We have both long-term and transitional housing options available, and housing services that are tailored to the needs of specific groups such as youth, women, individuals experiencing problematic substance use or needing help with relapse prevention, individuals involved in the justice system, individuals being discharged from hospital, and individuals who benefit from a high level of ongoing daily support to participate in their communities.

Not all support options are available in all areas of Thames Valley, and many of our housing programs have wait lists. Upon referral to our housing programs, we will work with you to match you to the housing environment, location, and level of support that best meets your preferences and needs, and admissions to each program are often on a priority basis with consideration given to current homelessness or risk of homelessness, and mental health crisis.

All of our housing sites require the payment of monthly subsidized (affordable or geared-to-income) rent, and in some cases a monthly grocery amount. Tenants of some individual
housing units will be required to pay for utilities, or parking where applicable.

Not all of our housing options in all locations are accessible for people who use wheelchairs or who are not able to climb stairs. We welcome applications from individuals who face barriers to mobility and will work to find housing solutions. There are some independent housing options available for families.

What We Offer

In many cases, our safe housing is provided together with, or with access to, recovery-oriented addiction and mental health services. Our various housing programs may include access to:
• individualized assessment;
• recreational rehabilitation;
• comprehensive and ongoing rehabilitation or wellness planning;
• case management and referrals to internal and community services;
• independent living skill development training and support;
• assistance with development of coping strategies and crisis management skills.

How Do I Connect?

Please complete the appropriate referral form  on our Intake page. 

Who can make a referral?

All applications to the housing program are by self-referral. We may seek additional physician or other service provider documentation as part of our review of your application.


We have some flexibility to provide individual units in other rural communities within Elgin, Middlesex, and Oxford counties such as Aylmer, Ingersoll, and West Lorne.

We also provide some housing services in Goderich, Parkhill, Port Bruce, Simcoe, Sarnia, and Merlin.

Even without “units” we provide housing support across regions i.e. housing finders, supplements, outreach etc.