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Heartspace is a specialized program designed to improve the health, social outcomes and quality of life of women with substance use concerns who are pregnant and/or parenting children prenatal to 6 years of age. Heartspace offers free, confidential community treatment that is women-centered and trauma-informed through one-to-one counselling and group supports. We recognize the journey of healing takes time. Counsellors work alongside clients and move at a heart’s pace in Heartspace.

Goals & Objectives

Heartspace strives to break the cycle of intergenerational patterns of addiction and the impact on women, children and society as a whole. This program supports women to meet their addiction-related recovery goals, increase parenting support and skills and decrease multiple or duplicate health service utilization. It is our goal to empower women to have the capacity to build fundamental skills to navigate the complexity of addiction.

Is This Program For Me?

How Do I Get An Appointment?

Who Can Make A Referral?

Anyone concerned about their own substance use can access screening, assessment and treatment services. These services are available regardless of an individual’s stage of change or treatment goal. Third party and self-referrals are welcomed but not required.

Community Partnerships

Heartspace embraces community partnerships and works in collaboration with a number of community agencies that provide social and healthcare services. Should your agency be interested in a partnership please feel welcomed to reach out to

Do children have to be in my care to engage in the program?

No, children may not be in the care of their parents, kinship and/or their primary caregiver and can still be involved with the program. If this is a goal of yours, Counsellors can explore this further in sessions and work collaboratively with community supports.


Services are available in-person within London, and virtually for Middlesex, Elgin and Oxford Counties. Complete our intake form to get started.

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