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Addiction Transitional Case Management

Addiction Transitional Case Managers (ATCMs) facilitate a seamless discharge process from hospital (London Health Sciences Centre and St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital) to community.  ATCM’s ensure individuals have linkages to appropriate addiction-related services and supports upon discharge. Together, the client and the ATCM will work to create and implement a plan of care for enhancing stability and meeting the client’s most urgent addiction-related needs. This can include goals of abstinence, harm reduction and moderation.  ATCMs support dignity and hope for change.

Is This Program For Me?

This program is for individuals Experiencing concerns related to substance use and/or withdrawal, gambling, gaming, social media, shopping and hypersexuality and would benefit from support to meet their immediate needs upon discharge; and

How Do I Get An Appointment?

This program is available through referral. 

Who Can Make A Referral?

Referrals are received from St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital and London Health Sciences Centre.

London Health Sciences Centre:  Referrals are accepted from all services within the hospital.

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital:  Referrals are accepted from all services within the hospital.  Referrals can be made through Power Chart Behavioural Referrals.

Referral Procedure:

Blank referral forms can be obtained by contacting one of the Addiction Transitional Case Managers.  Referrals can also be submitted verbally by calling the appropriate ATCM location.

How Do I Connect?


Call 519-685-8500 ext 75559 OR


Call 519-631-2020 ext 2667


London Health Sciences Centre

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital

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