For mental health or addictions information, support or crisis services, contact Reach Out at 519-433-2023
or 1-866-933-2023.

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Mobile Crisis Response

Crisis Response Team (CRT)

London The Crisis Response Team is a mobile team that operate within the city of London. They provide rapid engagement and crisis support, risk assessment and a variety of referrals based on identified needs. This team works in partnership with local paramedic and police services as well as the Reach Out supportive response crisis line. Hours: 24/7, including weekends and holidays. How people get connected: This team can be initiated through Reach Out and through a referral by the London Police Service, Middlesex London Paramedic Service and Western University. Eligibility: anyone who is struggling with mental health or addiction challenges, or otherwise in crisis.

Community Outreach and Support Team (COAST)

London COAST operates in London, Ontario and is a partnership between St Joseph’s Health Care, Middlesex-London Paramedic Service, Canadian Mental Health Association and London Police Service. COAST pairs one healthcare worker with a police officer to serve the community through rapid response and engagement, crisis intervention, risk assessment, follow-up support and referrals where needed. COAST endeavors to de-escalate, offer proactive support and follow-up to help address matters that lead to involvement of emergency services including hospital. COAST also helps to provide a better suited level of support to those who are in crisis, or struggling with mental health or addiction challenges. The COAST team can be initiated through referrals from crisis and emergency services. Learn more.

Mobile Crisis Response Teams (MCRT)

Regional Programs Mobile Crisis Response Team’s work in a dedicated capacity supporting policing partners across the Thames Valley region by providing a mobile response to individuals experiencing a mental health and/or addictions related crisis. Crisis Clinicians respond with patrol officers to assist with de-escalation, diversion from medication intervention where possible, and facilitate transition to acute care where required to help ensure positive outcomes for the individual.
MCRT Teams in the Regions:

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