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Crisis Stabilization

The Crisis Stabilization Space provides short-term support for individuals 16 years old and older, experiencing a crisis related to their mental health and/or substance use. For example, individuals may be experiencing personal distress, low to medium risk of harm or suicide, symptoms of mental illness that may require assessment, addiction challenges, and/or emotional trauma. The Crisis Stabilization Space welcomes individuals of diverse backgrounds, including those who identify as LGBTQQ2++.

What We Do

Located on the 2nd level of the Crisis Centre at 648 Huron Street, the space has 24/7 on-site support from Mental Health and Addiction Workers. Staff support program participants to create and implement a plan for enhanced stability as well as meeting urgent needs in a safe and therapeutic environment.

Support includes assistance with goal setting, coping strategies, symptom management and referrals to other supports in the community where applicable. Participants are assessed every 12 hours to determine progress and appropriate length of stay. The maximum stay at the Crisis Stabilization Space is 72 hours (3 days). 

Referral Process

A referral is required for admittance ot this program. 

Who can make a referral?

The Crisis Stabilization Space is available by referral from most local social services, including the following: CMHA Programs, London Health Sciences Centre, St. Joseph’s Health Care London, London CAReS, Anova, Southwest Aboriginal Health Access Centre, Indwell, John Howard Society, Unity Project, Western University, Fanshawe College and many others.

If you are or would like to become a referring partner and would like more information or access to our electronic referral form, please call us at 519-495-1488.

To learn more information or to access the program’s electronic referral form, please call 519-495-1488.


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