Intake & Access Services

CMHA Thames Valley, Addiction and Mental Health Services is developing a new integrated intake and access model across the region. We know how difficult it is to make a change. Whether you are struggling with mental health, substance use, problem gambling, or other behavioural concerns, we can help. There will be several options to connect with services. These will include, walk in, phone and virtual processes. In the meantime, please use these existing pathways for current intake models that will direct you to the needed services.

Addiction Support | All Locations | 519.673.3242
Mental Health Support | Oxford County | 519.539.8055
Mental Health Support | London & Middlesex County | 519.434.9191
Mental Health Support | Elgin County | 519.633.1781
Mental Health Support | Strathroy | 519.245.0120
Mental Health Support | Exeter | 519.235.0335
Mental Health Support | Goderich | 519.440.0450

For Virtual Intake and Access Forms, please visit our Intake & Access Forms page

What to expect during the intake process?

When connecting for the first time with CMHA Thames Valley, Addiction and Mental Health services, we will begin the process of screening to determine what services you may require. We will start by asking you some personal health information, what your concerns are, and what support you are looking for.

What happens after intake?

Next steps will vary depending on the outcome of the intake process. Some people may start an assessment process and some may receive referrals to other programs. Support and Crisis information will be provided.

How Can I help myself?

If you are looking for some additional supports through self-management, it is possible to start on those goals now with programs such Breaking Free Online (Use service code CMHATV21), Bounce Back, and our online Supportive Information Sessions