Champion of Mental Health Awards 2023

Champion of Mental Health Awards 2023

The Champion of Mental Health Awards are presented by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services and honour both an individual and an organization in the communities of London and Middlesex who have made a significant contribution in the following areas:

  1. Reducing stigma experienced by people with mental illness
  2. Providing support or treatment to people with mental illnesses, their families and/or caregivers
  3. Advocacy for issues related to mental health (including individual needs, family needs, service delivery and systemic issues)
  4. Advancing knowledge in the area of mental illness/health research

Nominations can be submitted in the following categories:

Individual: May be a single person, or a group of persons who are not affiliated with a professional organization and do not represent a professional organization.

Organization: An established organization that is operating with a business model.

Award Selection

The Champion of Mental Health Awards’ recipients are selected by an independent Selection Committee of volunteers who have a strong interest in mental health. Once the nominations close, the Selection Committee selects the award recipients who will be honoured at the Breakfast of Champions event, which takes place on May 9, 2023.

Award recipients will be given an opportunity to give brief remarks at the Breakfast of Champions and should be prepared to speak for a couple minutes.


Any individual who is not employed by or a Board member of CMHA TVAMHS may submit a nomination.

To nominate a candidate for the Champion of Mental Health Awards, please complete and return the following material by email to:

You may also drop it off in person, or submit it by mail to:

CMHA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services, Communications Department
200 Queens Ave, Suite 260, London ON, N6A 1J3

All applications must be received by midnight on Friday, March 24, 2023.

Each application must also include:

  1. At least one supporting statement and/or article (for example, a newspaper article, blog post, artwork, audio file, song, etc) about the nominee and why you have chosen to nominate them
  2. You may also submit up to two letters of support for the nomination

All nominators and nominees will be notified upon receipt of their nomination. We suggest the nominators notify the nominees ahead of time about the nomination.  The award recipient’s names will remain in strict confidence by the Selection Committee until they are announced at the Breakfast of Champions.

Download the Nomination Package here.